Kollagen Intensiv Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream

Results In Just 84 Days, Guaranteed!

Kollagen Intensiv<

A Scientific Breakthrough Causes It To Be Easy To Repair Indications Of Facial Aging

And Revel In More Beautiful, Youthful-Searching Skin In Only 84 Days...

... WITHOUT Investing $1,000s on Bovine collagen Injections!

This ground-breaking anti-aging anti wrinkle cream involves you right out the heart of Europe.

It's developed using the patented peptide SYN®-COLL, that has been scientifically shown to reduce signs of facial aging on REAL women, with results which have incorporated:

  • Increases your bovine collagen production, NATURALLY!
  • Removes wrinkles and deep facial lines
  • Firms, tones, and thickens skin
  • Deep moisturization and hydration like Phyto 350
  • Helps within the repair of sun-damage and dark spots
  • ... Plus, throughout the medical trial, ladies who used SYN®-COLL two occasions every day for 84 days reported a 354% improvement* in the feel of their facial lines (as in comparison towards the placebo) , having a 201% improvement in skin texture!

    Just Consider The Difference After 84 Days:
    Result #1 - Appearance Of Facial lines Enhances 354%

    graph kollagen intensiv

    Inside a clinical study, volunteers who applied SYN®-COLL two times daily for 84 days reported a 354% improvement* within the overall look of the facial lines (when in comparison towards the placebo)...While skin texture was enhanced by 201%!

    results kollagen intensiv

    Regarding Pores and skin Seems Fantastic... Timeless... Wonderful.

    Once you start using Kollagen Intensiv®, you'll uncover that you simply no more require a bathroom cabinet filled with costly creams for daytime, night time, eyes, neck, and much more.

    Because Kollagen Intensiv® continues to be scientifically developed to consider proper care of all of your skin's anti-aging and moisturization needs, good for:

  • round-the-clock daytime/evening moisturization
  • Anti-aging / wrinkle reduction
  • Complexion evening
  • Reducing eye-bagging & swelling
  • Elevated bovine collagen production
  • Firmer, more elastic searching skin
  • Just put it on two occasions daily after cleansing each morning and before mattress. And that is it, you are done.
  • This advanced anti-aging anti wrinkle cream goes straight to work on the skin...

    ... For noticeable leads to just fourteen days useful, with the best results after 84 times of application!

    How It Works

    #1 - Increases Your Natural Bovine collagen Production

    Step One

    With time, your skin's natural manufacture of bovine collagen starts to lower, leading to wrinkles, deep facial lines, loss skin, dark spots, and much more.

    Whenever you boost skin's bovine collagen, you are able to really reverse these aging effects. However, until lately, women's only choice for growing bovine collagen was injections running $1000 per treatment. All explanations can be found at Kollagen Intensiv on Twitter Page.

    Now, though, there is a natural method to improve your skin's manufacture of bovine collagen.

    Since the Kollagen Intensiv® formulation includes the latest medical discoveries in natural bovine collagen renewal.

    The skin is urged to naturally begin creating more bovine collagen which includes a noticeable, measurable effect on the look of wrinkles, facial lines, and much more. Topical application can literally reverse both your hands of your time on the skin!

    #2 - Increases Your own All-natural Treatment Factors (NMFs)

    Moisturizing Factors

    The medical community has lengthy been conscious that Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMFs) play a vital role to keep the skin searching healthy and youthful.

    This is exactly why, whenever we developed Kollagen Intensiv®, we carefully selected numerous impressive NMFs for inclusion - particularly individuals noted for securing in moisture, stopping evaporation, and offering valuable lube around the surface of the skin.

    #3 - Minimizes Photoaging The result of Sun Damage

    Photoaging The result of Sun Damage

    As we age, the cumulative results of sun-damage start to display on the skin we have. Wrinkles, dark sun spots, rough texture and much more - are indications of photoaging!

    With Kollagen Intensiv®, you like some added protection against further sun-damage because of its various Ultra violet safeguarding elements. Plus, it offers factors which help to correct and refresh skin from the pre-existing sun-damage!

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